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  • Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities & Certifications

Success Stories

Integrated Vascular Systems (ISS):
Instant Success Story

ISS had a preliminary design for a groundbreaking vascular closure device. This early design was a huge challenge in terms of molding—and based on past experience, we didn't think the device would actually work as originally designed. We helped ISS redesign the device so it could meet some tough dimensional tolerances and actually function. After prototypes, we went straight into production.

The first parts worked right out of the tool. ISS was able to use these parts to demo their product to Abbott, who had a competing product. Abbott was so impressed, it bought the whole company.

—Rick Cameron
Director, MOS New Business Development

75-Micron Flatness in COC Resin

One of our lab site customers wanted the absolute flattest surface achievable for an ultrasonically welded assembly of an inner and outer micro-plate lid. After several months of tooling and part design modifications, and ever-tightening tolerance requirements, we ultimately achieved and maintained a 75-micron flatness for an ultrasonically welded COC-resin micro-plate lid assembly.

—Earnest Harper
MOS Production Control Manager

Proactive to the Last Detail

We manufactured a water testing kit that included pristine samples of lab water. The customer didn't provide shipping specs, so we proactively researched and developed packaging technology for this fragile product to prevent any chance of damage or contamination.

—Deanna Musil
MOS Program Manager

They All Said It Couldn't be Done

A San Francisco startup came to use with an idea to manufacture green toys out of post-consumer plastic. Every other plastics house had told them it couldn't be done. Fractionals, such as post-consumer plastics, are notoriously difficult to work with—a lot of molding companies won't even try it. We figured out how to make a near-impossible resin work for their product and also developed a way to color it with a poly 1 resin.

Because they were a startup, funds were incredibly tight. We creatively used our global partnerships to hit their very modest tooling budget and deliver exactly what they wanted at a great price.

—Abram McMillan
MOS Project Engineer

Tooling at Autobahn Speeds

A few years ago there was a huge, grisly multi-car accident on the Autobahn in Germany. One severely injured victim had unusually large arteries—standard stents and placement devices weren't working. MedTronic called us to make a one-off stent placement device that would fit the victim. We tooled it and flew it overseas within 48 hours, in time to save the guy—I've never seen a team come together like that to make something happen.

—Pete Yager
MOS Operations Manager

Critical Color Precision for Electrophoresis Device

We worked with Cambrex (now Lonza) on a revolutionary product that quickly separates DNA and allows the user to watch DNA migration as it happens. Because we had to filter out a specific wavelength of light, the color of the plastic was critical. We experimented with a wide array of different materials and processes to get the precise color that Cambrex needed for their innovative FlashGel product line.

—Abram McMillan
MOS Project Engineer

Kimberly Clark Challenge

Kimberly Clark had a very high-volume tampon manufacture and assembly project and they couldn't find anyone who would take it on. The tampon cases were curved, which make them nearly impossible to get off of a mold.

One day the KC product manager saw a picture in the paper of our owner with an extremely complex device we had made for Trimble Navigation. He figured if we could do work like that for Trimble, we would succeed at his project, so he came to MOS. We figured out how to tool a mold that would efficiently release the curved cases and developed a three-material mix that worked for his product as well as the mold. The high volumes required presses to be stacked four high on a 10-second cycle. We were cranking out thousands of parts a day for them with zero defects.

—Pete Yager
MOS Operations Manager


MOS was a key partner in developing RockShox into an industry pioneer. They came to us because they needed a perfectly round cylindrical component for inside their high-performance mountain bike fork. This is tough, because as the resin sits in the mold, it can settle into a less-than-perfect cylinder. Our tooling engineer actually did some microscopic sanding to make the mold slightly less than cylindrical so that when the resin settled, it ended up perfectly round.

—Pete Yager
MOS Operations Manager

Zero Defects

Boeing was using on offshore supplier to manufacture backup batteries for their black boxes. The batteries had to be perfectly sealed, perfectly watertight. But the supplier had 75-percent defects rate—they were tossing almost everything they made—extremely expensive for Boeing.

Boeing came to us to see what we could do. We quickly determined that their ultrasonic welding horn was the problem. We used a custom flat horn for ultrasonic welding, which solved the problem. In less than three days we were up and running, delivering zero defects.

—Sunil Behl
MOS Quality Department Manager

KS Automotive Kennerly-Spratling, Inc.