MOS will help bring your custom plastic injection molding project to market on time with the highest of quality standards.
  • “We rely on MOS for solutions to front-end problems, delivery when promised, innovation, cost competitiveness, and value-added assembly. ”

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  • Built-In Quality

    At MOS, quality is built in from the beginning. Design, processes, equipment, people: everything works together to produce your product to meet or exceed your requirements.

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  • Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities & Certifications

MOS Plastics Track Record

MOS has over 40 years of experience in high-precision tooling and injection molding for cutting-edge technology and medical device companies. We started as a high-end custom tooling manufacturer for the semiconductor industry in 1974. Over time, more and more customers requested that we expand into high-precision custom injection molding so they could work with us throughout the entire custom plastics manufacturing process.

By 1987, MOS Plastics had expanded vertically to offer full end-to-end custom services: tooling, molding, inspection, manufacturing, assembly, and secondary services. This full-service approach attracted not only Silicon Valley technology companies, but also leading medical device, pharmaceutical, and personal-care companies.

In the '90s and early 2000s, we made significant investments in medical device manufacturing, including building a 2,000-square-foot medical molding white room and the Bay Area's first and only class 10,000 clean room. By 2009, we had received both our ISO 13485:2012 certification and the State of California Department of Health certification for medical device manufacturing.

After this much history delivering custom plastic injection molding products for high tech and medical industry leaders, we have learned a few things:

  • No quality test at the end of production can substitute for quality engineering, tooling, materials, and processes included during production.
  • Old-fashioned notions such as quality face-time and personalized customer service never go out of style—but they are getting pretty scarce.
  • Experience, creativity, and constant learning are a timeless foundation for success.
  • There is nothing more powerful than talented people working together toward a common goal.


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