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Plastic Injection Molders

Plastic Injection MoldersPlastic injection molders are used to manufacture parts from plastic materials. The plastic injection molders use a ram or screw-type plunger to force molten plastic into a mold cavity. These injection molders are used to make many things such as pocket combs, buttons, auto dashboards, and most plastic products that are available today. Several companies have been created over the years to meet the demand for plastic products, but not all companies were created equal. Some companies will only use specific plastics and won’t touch plastics that are hard to use.

MOS Plastics is a plastic injection molder company that specializes in using plastic injection molders to create plastic products for our customers. Our products are of a quality high enough that we are now creating products for the medical and electronics industries in addition to our other customers’ requests. We strive to develop plans with our customers for any product, no matter the plastic material required. We understand that time is of the essence for any new product and will devote our time and resources to getting your product to market on time and in spec. And every project that we undertake will be consistent and traceable, precisely replicating your quality processes and tests.

Plastic Injection Molder Company

As a plastic injection molder company that specializes in using plastic injection molders to create the products that you need, MOS Plastics has several advantages.

We offer quick turn-around times with prototypes in as little as 3 weeks. We maintain a 98-100% on-time delivery rating. We’re available to you when you need something done right away. We have a tight-tooling tolerance and we offer technical expertise in design, materials, tooling, molding, and processing. When you have an idea for a new plastic product, even if you’ve been told that it can’t be done, we will work with you to create the product you need. Give us a call to request a consultation.

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