• “ We commend MOS for zero defects and 100% on-time delivery.”

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  • Built-In Quality

    At MOS, quality is built in from the beginning. Design, processes, equipment, people: everything works together to produce your product to meet or exceed your requirements.

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  • Zero Defects

    Boeing was using on offshore supplier to manufacture backup batteries for their black boxes. The batteries had to be perfectly sealed, perfectly watertight. But the supplier had 75-percent defects rate—they were tossing almost everything they made—extremely expensive for Boeing.

    Boeing came to us to see what we could do. We quickly determined that their ultrasonic welding horn was the problem. We used a custom flat horn for ultrasonic welding, which solved the problem. In less than three days we were up and running, delivering zero defects.

    —Sunil Behl
    MOS Quality Department Manager

MOS Plastics Quality Charter

The MOS Plastics quality charter has four parts:

  1. Precision parts with zero tolerance for error.
  2. Traceability and consistent manufacture to precise customer specifications.
  3. A complete understanding of and adherence to the FDA's rigorous quality requirements.
  4. The people, processes, facilities, and equipment to do the job right.

Because of this focus on quality, MOS is a top-tier, preferred supplier for well-respected medical device and technology leaders such as Abbott, Agilent, Allergan, Biosite, and Cepheid.

Quality Medical Device Manufacturing

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