Quality Processes

MOS standard quality systems ensure that that components and devices meet appropriate codes. In addition, we can duplicate customer testing protocols in our facility as requested.

Standard MOS Quality Processes

MOS employs Process Validation, as required by Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which identifies variables that could impact the manufacturing process. This ensures both compliance with code and consistently high-quality parts and assemblies.

Additional standard quality processes include:

  • Prospective Validation: Changes made to a component or process are validated prior to delivery of the affected part or assembly.
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) identifies possible causes of performance variations, which reduces or eliminates variations by controlling process parameters.
  • Ultrasonic washing: Clean room molds and tooling are disassembled, ultrasonically washed, and reassembled between each production run.

Customer-Defined Quality Processes

In addition to our standard quality processes, most of our customers have their own quality guidelines and test protocols. From impact tests, to leak tests, to Statistical Process Control (SPC), we specialize in duplicating your quality processes and tests in our facility.

Integrated ERP System

We manage our plant information and functions through an IQMS enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that completely integrates quality, maintenance, materials, and every other aspect of regular activity. This gives us the ability to quickly communicate and coordinate project status, changes, and other information across the organization.


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