• “MOS is a partner in the true sense of the word. They re-engineered a device assembly, which reduced costs and at the same time increased its performance.”

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  • Design for Manufacturability

    We begin each project with an Engineering Design Review. MOS engineers will recommend design modifications to optimize cost and ensure manufacturability.

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  • Medical Device and Clean Room Molding

    • ISO 13485:2003
    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ISO class 7 (10,000)-certified clean rooms
    • ISO class 8 (100,000)-certified clean rooms
    • State of California Department of Health certified for medical device contract manufacturing
    • cGMP-compliant facility
    • Complete in-house, domestic, and overseas tooling capabilities
    • Video coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
    • 100 percent vision-system inspection capability
    • Ultrasonic washing: Clean room molds are disassembled, ultrasonically washed, and reassembled between each production run
    • Machine-mounted robots
    • Automated material handling system
    • Insert and over-molding capabilities
    • Full spectrum of standard and highly engineered resins
    • Statistical process control (SPC) to customer specification
  • Critical Color Precision for Electrophoresis Device

    We worked with Cambrex (now Lonza) on a revolutionary product that quickly separates DNA and allows the user to watch DNA migration as it happens. Because we had to filter out a specific wavelength of light, the color of the plastic was critical. We experimented with a wide array of different materials and processes to get the precise color that Cambrex needed for their innovative FlashGel product line.

    —Abram McMillan
    Project Engineer

High-Precision Molding

MOS Plastics specializes in high-precision, custom injection molding, contract manufacture, and assembly of medical, electronics, telecom, automotive, and consumer products. Established 35 years ago in the heart of Silicon Valley, we understand the performance expectations of cutting-edge companies delivering disruptive technologies.

As part of our concept-to-production molding and assembly services, we offer:

Molding techniques

MOS uses a variety of molding techniques, including:


MOS works with the full spectrum of plastic resins from the ordinary to the experimental.

  • Traditional resins
    • ABS
    • Acetyl
    • Acrylic
    • HDPE
    • HIPS
    • Isoplast
    • LDPE
    • Nylon 
  • Difficult-to-mold resins
    • COC
    • LCP
    • TPE
    • PEEK
    • Polysulfone
  • Non-traditional plastic materials
    • Post Consumer Plastics
    • Polysulfone
    • Custom Compounds


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