• “MOS is a partner in the true sense of the word. They re-engineered a device assembly, which reduced costs and at the same time increased its performance.”

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  • Design for Manufacturability

    We begin each project with an Engineering Design Review. MOS engineers will recommend design modifications to optimize cost and ensure manufacturability.

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  • Tooling at Autobahn Speed

    A few years ago there was a huge, grisly multi-car accident on the Autobahn in Germany. One severely injured victim had unusually large arteries—standard stents and placement devices weren't working. MedTronic called us to make a one-off stent placement device that would fit the victim. We tooled it and flew it overseas within 48 hours, in time to save the guy—I've never seen a team come together like that to make the impossible happen.

    —Pete Yager
    MOS General Manager

Tooling & Mold Making

As a division of KS Manufacturing in San Leandro, California, we have the global sourcing power for optimal tool pricing and quality for our customers. To reduce your costs, we partner with a variety of offshore and domestic tooling manufacturers who have agreed to adhere to our precise quality standards.

We also maintain in-house tool making for quick turns on new developmental tools as well as engineering changes to existing tools. Our highly skilled toolmakers are also critical in ongoing quality maintenance and repair.

With this deep pool of mold-making talent, we can meet virtually any timeline: Normal tooling lead times are just three to 12 weeks.

KS Automotive Kennerly-Spratling, Inc.